How the Coronavirus is a Reminder of our Oneness

Although this is a time of uncertainty and instability, it is also an opportunity to come together like never before.

Our political preferences, religious beliefs, social stigmas, deemed irrelevant by the coronavirus.

It doesn’t care what we look like, what we think, or what we believe about ourselves and others.

The importance we place on our day-to-day routines becomes futile when a microscopic virus upends life as we know it.

Everything slows down. A time for going inward. Literally, with social distancing and staying home, and emotionally/introspectively as well. When you don’t have your job, your habits, your routines to engage in — what are you left with? Who are you left with?

As we connect, with more strength, through the Web of social media and telecommunications. As we come up closer to each other, the people with whom we share roofs. As we come closer to ourselves in this time of uncertainty. The great reminder is that we are not alone.

This is serious, and real, and at the same time, this is also is a test.

A test to see how we deal, as a planet, as a nation, as communities, and as individuals, in a time of perceived crisis.

How much love, how much light, can we hold? In our hearts, in our bodies, in our homes, and for each other.

How much care can we give to ourselves, and one another?

This is showing us all that we actually have. All that is of ACTUAL VALUE on a primal, human level.

I can understand how and why there is fear present. And instead, I am choosing love. Choosing gratitude. Choosing connection. Choosing peace.

Choosing the stillness of Being deeply present with what is, while making smart choices for myself and those around me.

For the most part, I am social distancing. Although I am gratefully healthy, I don’t want to risk spreading it to those who may be at risk.

Not out of fear, but out of cautiousness and consideration.

And as much as we did not consciously choose this, we did co-create it.

And by the nature of existence, we are contributing to it.

So use this time to cultivate more Heart. Reach out to others if you have an excess. Offer support to those who may need it. Take care of yourself. Call your loved ones.

You can be hopeful and supportive while simultaneously be fully aware of what is happening.

What a drastic yet effective opportunity this is for us all to Remember our Oneness!

This is a significant transition period for the planet. Great shifts will come from this recalibration.

Stay strong.
Stay present.
Stay in Love



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Trishana Suman

Spiritual Mentor & Wellness Writer. Inspired by self-awareness, the natural world, and healing. Integrating ancient wisdom into a modern world.