Human Design: Emotional Authority - An Experiential Perspective

The emotional center sets the tone for the emotional frequency that is emanated out into the world.

And the signal of any given emotional state determines the kind of emotional frequency which is sent out.

With my 36–35, I feel that I know very well the awareness of being ‘too much’. At times, even for myself. So I could imagine what it might feel like for the open emotional centers around me.

Sometimes I become frustrated and impatient (mani-gen) when I perceive my loved ones not having the capacity to hold space.

With my 36–35 — I can hold a lot, I’ve held a lot, so in some instances, at least when it comes to sadness, I can hold a lot more (it seems) than the average person who may go into trying to ‘fix’ the issue to assuage themselves from the discomfort they are feeling from the other persons discomfort.

But I believe that this is the art of every ones own individual uniqueness. Not everyone is supposed to hold a lot, some are supposed to be more inclined to fix and look for solutions. Isn’t that a part of the purpose of differentiation after all? To embody one’s own makeup?

I would probably become exhausted if every one operated the same way that I did 🙃.

And ultimately, I appreciate the coolness and calm that the open emotional centers around me naturally embody. I appreciate their capacity for for deep empathy when they remember that my emotions are not theirs and are able to embody that awareness.

And as an emotional being — I realize now that I (and all of us with emotional authority) have a responsibility.

A responsibility to self-regulate, not control, but to know ourselves, and our unique wave form in a way that we can recognize it from the view of the passenger.

To be with it when it arises, and from experience, know where the wave will naturally go.

The greater we are able refine the frequency of the emotional output — the greater the information of that signal will emit a higher state of emotional awareness.

We need not avoid the wave, but learn how to truly ride it from a place of equilibrium from having a deep self-awareness of our internal mechanisms.

Are you interested in going deeper into your own internal mechanisms? To understand how you could lived more optimized within your own uniqueness?

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Sending Grace & Emotional Intelligence.



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Trishana Suman

Spiritual Mentor & Wellness Writer. Inspired by self-awareness, the natural world, and healing. Integrating ancient wisdom into a modern world.