On the Illusion of Party Lines

It is important that we don’t hold too tightly to any generalizations — as it only perpetuates the illusion of separation.

Not all Democrats are pro-choice

Not all Conservatives are pro-life

Not all Democrats are pro-vax

Not all Conservatives are anti-vax

I have been a bit out of touch with the states having lived in Bali the past year.

But I can still feel the ripple effect.

And I see how deep the dichotomies are, and how they might be keeping people in divisiveness, as well as ‘othering’ — which might also be keeping them from speaking their perspectives in an open and receptive way, instead of going into attack-mode fueled by assumptions due to the generalized labels.

This is why I think the concepts of being conservative, democrat, liberal, etc. have become incredibly conflated.

There is no one definition, and if there were a list of things which each person would have to check in order to consider themselves as such, I highly doubt there would be many people which would qualify with precision according to the checklist.

This applies for the people in power as well.

Besides, who would be the one making the checklist?

Humans are incredibly nuanced, unconsciously hypocritical, and have their own individual agenda, which isn’t innately a bad thing. We all have needs, desires, concepts that we relate to, until life and experience shows us otherwise.

But what is happening here is a potential violation of body sovereignty.

It is similar to those who might have been previously guilting, shaming, and compelling people to get the jab.

Although this is different, still, a similar ideological framework has perhaps moved to another side of the population.

Everyone thinks they know best for everyone else — and who knows, maybe sometimes they’re right. But ultimately it is up to oneself to decided.

We arrive alone — we go alone.

The point I am trying to make is that we can’t allow our minds to create more separation than what is already naturally occurring.

There is a significant split taking place and there has been for a while, which many may not be able to necessarily control

Yet at some level, we all still choose how we’d like to partake.

If we create more spaciousness to feel our emotions, regulate and manage them, and take personal responsibility, the way in which we communicate, and therefore the way in which our message will be received, can shift the dynamic completely.

The frequency and texture of awareness to which we contribute, can shift things completely.

Instead of reacting to the forces which benefit from the separation — we come from a place of creating something else, something new entirely.

The same thing happened with the jabs. People thought the only choice was this or that, only the ultimatum.

Get it or I lose my job. Get it or I can’t travel.

And yes, that might have been true for some.

But look how that has also transformed. Some people said no to either — and created another way.

We always have a choice. Although circumstances might create illusions to make us believe that we don’t.

We always have a choice. Although perhaps not without its own set of challenges.

We always have a choice. To listen to our heart, our bodies, and our intuition. Even if others might be believing otherwise.



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Trishana Suman

Spiritual Mentor & Wellness Writer. Inspired by self-awareness, the natural world, and healing. Integrating ancient wisdom into a modern world.